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Japanese trans needed please
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Thread: Japanese trans needed please

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    Question Japanese trans needed please

    Hello hello.
    I was wondering if anybody could tell me what this is? I did some research on Konbu Tea (more frequently called Kombu Tea), and whats in this doesn't seem like its what the internet says Kombu Tea is. The stuff in the package taste absolutely horrid, and it doesn't really fully dilute when mixed with water (hot or cold). Are there directions on the back? From what I read about Kombu Tea, its supposed to at least taste decent. Although, I did get the whole pack for 100 yen at a 100 Yen store... I went to the companys website (nittou-relay.com), but that didn't help. Google's translation was poor, at best.

    Thanks in advance

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    You might want to check out a site called www.proz.com, where you can ask for translation help.

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    Thanks a bunch fiamma, I just submitted it.
    If anyone knows what it is, much appreciated if you could tell me.

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    Place one sachet of the powdered kombucha into a tea cup. Do not use rolling boiling water (water that has just been boiled), but water that has been boiled and rested for a little bit so it's not that hot. Pour 100cc into the cup.

    That's just the stuff written in black at the top.

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