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Thread: World Vegan Day on MTV in Toronto!!

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    Thumbs up World Vegan Day on MTV in Toronto!!

    To anyone in the Toronto, Canada area:

    MTV is hosting a show on World Vegan Day: November 1st downtown toronto.
    Tickets are free and going fast...YOu need to book the tickets to come. Opportunity to be on TV and show what being vegan is all about. Very interactive, 5 microphones being passed around audience. 60 vegans already booked! Takes a couple hours only. Details below. Hope to see you there!


    What: MTV Live show - Nov 1 - World Vegan Day

    When: Wednesday, November 1, 5:30 PM

    Where: Masonic Temple (aka MTV Live studio), 888 Yonge Street

    Event Description:
    World Vegan Day, which is November 1st, is rapidly approaching
    in recognition of that MTV Canada's flagship show, MTV Live, has
    agreed to do an episode with a vegan through line titled
    "Meat?" (note
    the question mark).

    This is a highly interactive show where both the in-studio and
    viewers are encouraged to chime in with their opinions on the
    conversation. This would be a GREAT opportunity for us to
    really fill the house on this special occasion and represent our community
    (unfortunately you can't bring kids; 18+ only) on this popular

    All of the prime seating in the "central Pod", a three-tiered
    cushion/couch area that seats about 45, will be reserved for
    vegetarians, friends of T.A.R.S., the Toronto Vegetarian
    etc. They also have room for a couple of hundred in the balcony

    The audience is asked to arrive between 5:30pm & 5:45pm at The
    Temple (one of Canada's most legendary music venues) which is
    at 888
    Yonge (just North of Bloor at Davenport). The show starts
    taping at
    6:30 pm and wraps at 7:30.

    Here's how you book your free tickets;

    Call: 1.888.491.6888




    Incidentally, if you'd like to catch the show to see what it's
    about you can it comes on at 6:30 pm on Rogers channels 52 in
    Newmarket, and Ajax, 56 in Scarborough, Pickering and Richmond
    581 on Bell Expressvu and 566 on Starchoice.

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    Default Re: World Vegan Day on MTV in Toronto!!

    wow, it's awesome that MTV is doing that! i'm actually quite surprised that they would observe world vegan day on the show. i haven't heard anything about the US MTV doing any such thing...
    You can't live a perfect day without doing something for someone who will never be able to repay you.
    ~John Wooden

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    Default Re: World Vegan Day on MTV in Toronto!!

    Actually they have a live tv show that airs once a week, i think. It is called
    MTV LIVE. Everything is live. They usually have musical guest speakers or TV personalities, but sometimes they cover "issues". Once they did an episode on alcoholism and included audience feedback, web feedback, phone calls and interviews of just regular people. it was really cool.

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    Default Re: World Vegan Day on MTV in Toronto!!

    I remember watching an episode of MTV Live where they had that singer Ciara on, and a fan asked her "in honour of vegan day, we were just wondering what your boots were made of?" or something to that effect, and Ciara clearly didnt know what a vegan was and she said "oh, they're a nice suede" and stroked her boots.... I was embarrassed for her.

    I think one of the MTV hosts, the redhead (Jessi?), is a vegetarian.

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    Default Re: World Vegan Day on MTV in Toronto!!

    Yeah I remember that. I am sitting just behind her on her right. Everyone was rolling their eyes. I guess she's used to people asking her what designer she is wearing all the time, obviously either wasn't listening or it was a good cover. I don't think anyone told her it was World Vegan Day and it is obvious since they cut out all their dialogue from their episode. : (

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