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Thread: are any of you nurses?

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    Default are any of you nurses?

    I'm studying nursing right now, I have 2 more years to go. I'm trying to think of what field I could go into, and what I would be comfortable with. I am into natural lifestyles and natural healthcare, so I would like to find a job that doesn't conflict too much. For example, I was thinking I could go into maternity nursing, but I wouldn't want to participate in a doctor-lead white-room type births, when I myself plan to do a homebirth.
    What fields of nursing could I go into? Do natural birthing centers hire nurses (I do not want to become a midwife for insurance reasons). Are there any types of holistic nurses? Are any of you nurses, and if so, what do you do and do you like it?
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    Default Re: are any of you nurses?

    I'm not a nurse, but my wife is, so I hear about it. Like doctors, nurses don't learn much about nutrition or holistic health, although you may get some slight exposure during your studies if you're lucky. If you are into "alternative" healthcare, you may want to consider becoming a nutritionist. They don't get payed as well and you really limit your job selection. If helping people is what you want to do, than almost any field of nursing will make you happy . My wife has a BSN and was an ICU nurse. She is now pursuing a Masters in Aenesthesiology. At first impression, one would think that field has the least personal patient interaction, but actually, it's the opposite. She absolutely loves the field. I tell her she's just a drug-pusher . But she explains to me that she literally holds the balance of life in her hands on a daily basis and that its a very rewarding experience compared to when she was an ICU nurse. Don't disregard synthetic drugs. Some of them are really remarkable. Keep an open mind in your studies and think of how many people you will be helping and almost any field of nursing should be pretty rewarding. Consider travel nursing if you want a really cool experience. Good luck.
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    Default Re: are any of you nurses?

    I was a nurse for 20 years, now I'm a podiatrist but I'm not sure if UK nursing is the same as USA nursing. I personally never got on with all the acute stuff although I did it for a while (burns unit), but preferred my last job as a nurse working in a small community hospital doing rehab and the like.
    If I went back to nursing, I would do community nursing.
    My current job is half community, half local clinics and I love it You also have autonomy and can more or less do what you want.
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    Default Re: are any of you nurses?

    I was training to be a nurse but dropped out Before that, though, I was a healthcare assistant for a few months on a rehabilitation ward in a small hospital, I also did a stint in an oncology ward when I was doing my training. I think working with old people is very rewarding, as is palliative care. We took care of an old lady in the last few months before her death, and she and the family were so grateful. When you touch peoples' lives by doing the simplest things - helping them get washed, keeping them company, or just holding their hand, it can be incredibly rewarding. Go with your gut instinct, maybe look at the nursing press and see what jobs are available, and try to talk to nurses already working in those fields. Good luck with your choice!

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    i'm not a nurse, but if someone wants to dress as a nurse for me.....

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