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Thread: Organic Pesticides?

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    Default Organic Pesticides?

    I read this link, and found it troubling- If organic farms use pesticides, what's the point of buying organic instead of conventionally grown food?

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    Default Re: Organic Pesticides?

    That's a horrible thing to read Pascale! I really believe we need to move towards a life where we can support ourselves without these large farms anyway... Organic or not. We can also do better to look into the farms that bring us our organic goods... There are good, wholesome, organic farms out there
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    Default Re: Organic Pesticides?

    Thanks for that info. I plan to go to a party that an organic farmer is having and I will ask him if he uses any 'organic pesticides'. Thanks!!!
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    Default Re: Organic Pesticides?

    Quote Pascale View Post
    what's the point of buying organic instead of conventionally grown food?
    I'm afraid I haven't read the link but yes, organic doesn't always mean pesticide free! It is more strictly controlled though and farming methods are less intensive. Obviously not ideal but still a step in the right direction and many farmers (at least in the UK) are relying more on natural methods to protect crops.
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