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Thread: Bushfires and the Greens

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    Default Bushfires and the Greens

    In the abc on-line news there is a report that the Federal Forestry Minister, Eric Abetz, is blaming a build-up of fuel in wilderness areas for the severity of the bushfires in Tasmania. He argues that if more logging or grazing had been allowed, there'd be less fuel to burn.

    However, Greens Senator Bob Brown, accuses Federal Forestry Minister Abetz of trying to score cheap political points. Abetz says It's the very forest that Bob Brown has spent the best part of two years, and half a million dollars, trying to protect. Logging has been on hold while the Federal Court has heard his case that Commonwealth environment laws should protect threatened species in the forest, even though it's been earmarked for logging. A ruling is due next Tuesday morning. In the end, all that may be saved are charred remains

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    Default Re: Bushfires and the Greens

    I too have heard that tired old undergrowth argument which I consider rubbish. They say the same about the snowy mountain area re cattle grazing. Most excess undergrowth tends to grow around overlogged, overgrazed destricts. I also think most fires are either deliberatly started or caused through CFA burnoffs!

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    Default Re: Bushfires and the Greens

    Not to mention that periodic wildfires are part of the natural system. The seeds of ome species of plants can't germinate unless exposed to fire and the ash provides valuable nutrients to the soil. Again, if we just left stuff alone, nature will take care of itself.

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