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Thread: Eating when not hungry

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    Question Eating when not hungry

    There may be another thread like this one, but I couldn't find one. I was interested if people eat when they aren't hungry. For example, if you've been sick for a few days and barely have eaten anything or if you just aren't consuming enough calories in a day. Do you force yourself to eat something if you just aren't hungry?

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    For me, it depends. Some days I simply forget to eat (especially at work), some days I just can't stop eating.
    Somehow it all regulates itself for me, but I never eat just because I feel I have to.

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    Default Re: Eating when not hungry

    I'm like you, Pavotrouge, some days I eat loads, some days I'm not so hungry. I agree it all evens out in the end. But, if I'm very tired, stressed or sad, I don't want to eat. At times like that I make myself have something simple because I know I need to eat. It's not nice to eat when I'm not hungry though.
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    Default Re: Eating when not hungry

    if i feel that i havent eaten enough protien, fat or something else i will force myself to eat something. i feel like i never stop chewing sometimes. i puts me in a bad mood when i force myself to eat though.some days i cant stop eating though. maybe its a vegan thing.

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    Default Re: Eating when not hungry

    I rarely ever feel like that. But there are times when I'm not hungry for a breakfast or supper, but I eat something anyway. Just because you aren't hungry, doesn't mean your body doesn't need the nutrition.
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    i like to eat only when i get hungry, but sometimes i eat just because it looks/smells good and i feel like chewing something. (like chips for example, lol. i eat them because i want to munch out, not because im hungry for them)

    if im sick i dont like to eat alot, i sometimes even fast while im sick.

    i dont force myself to eat if i didnt get enough calories. i just go on with the day.

    i also dont like to eat when im upset or stressed out. everytime i get like that, nausea is a big issue for me just from being so upset, so food is definitely not something i want. i usually feel sick to my stomach when i think about eating if im upset.
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    It is like that with me too foxy....if I am very upset I sometimes get something to eat and simply cannot eat it. If I have not had anything to eat all day because I have been busy or not hungry or whatever, when it gets late I sometimes have something..just because I know it isnt bad to have anything if i am running on empty...and it comforts me.Not that I comfort eat because I dont! lol

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    Default Re: Eating when not hungry

    I am rarely hungry in the mornings. I feel vaguely sick and just don't want to bother forcing something down.
    But I do. Because I know that by the time lunch rolls around I'll be feeling it and that's never pleasant.
    But if I've just been sick...? I'll skip it.

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    I'm fortunate enough to be able to eat whenever I want, so I do. I only want to eat when I'm hungry, so I do then. : ) yay

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    Sometimes I eat when I am not hungry but I just want a cookie. WHo really needs sweets? I do love them so I say I eat those when I am not hungry.

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