Lately I've been drinking smoothies from tropical smoothie cafe. I was told by the manager that they were "all fruit/all natural/only add-in is ice" but today whilst searching the internet (I got cynical...I've drank plenty of smoothies but these taste too smooth and sweet) I couldn't find anything about the ingredients in their so called "all fruit" smoothies from their website. Well I finally came across recipes for their smoothies and nutritional information from and apparently they add turbinado among other things. This really pisses me off because here I am thinking I'm drinking something "all natural and good for me" yet they failed to inform me that they add sugar. I don't know who to trust at this point because their site offers no information (sketchy?). So does anyone know the truth about tsc?
Oh...and this manager also tried to get me to get meal replacement in my smoothie claiming I could drink it because it was vegan, as well as pushing me to try a veggie wrap without the cheese. Needless to say I definately didn't go for the meal replacement (vegan my ass) and after finding out how obviously sketchy the whole thing is I will never bother trying a "vegan" wrap.