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Thread: Encourage Green Groups to Promote Plant Based Diets

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    Default Encourage Green Groups to Promote Plant Based Diets

    Despite the increasingly overwhelming evidence of the impact that meat & dairy farming has on the planet, none of the national environmental campaigning organisations currently promote plant based diets. Wouldn`t it be great if we could influence groups like Friends of the Earth and Greenpeace to encourage their supporters and the general public to adopt a veggie/vegan diet for the benefit of the planet?!! Well, now we have an opportunity to do just that.

    Friends of the Earth are currently developing their next Five Year Plan for 2008-2013 and they are seeking help from their members/supporters across the country. This plan will dictate the overall approach that Friends of the Earth takes as an organisation and the types of campaigns they are likely to run from 2008 onwards. FOE want all local group members to tell them what campaigns they should work on and how.

    Not Currently a Member?

    If you`re not currently a member of your local FOE group, it`s easy to sign up! Joining doesn`t mean that you`re obliged to attend meetings & other events(although that`s a great way of networking!), it simply means you`ll be able to contribute your thoughts about FOE`s future campaigns. There are over 200 local FOE groups across the UK, so there`s bound to be a group near you, and you can become a member for as little as £2-3 a year. You can find your local group here

    How You Can Input Your Thoughts

    January 2007 - Regional Five Year Plan Consultation Meetings
    During January 2007, every region across the country will host a Five Year Plan Consultation Meeting. Local group members are being encouraged to attend their regional meeting. You can find details of your regional meeting here or you can give your opinions in an online strategic consultation here

    April - May 2007 - More Online/Written Consultation
    More communication and small scale consultation on the key strategic decisions so far.

    Autumn 2007 - Developing and Deciding on Specific Campaigns
    This will be about specific campaigns, resulting in the `campaigns package` that Friends of the Earth will take forward over the first period of the next plan. There will be more online/written consultation, possibly further regional face-to-face discussions and finally, there`ll be more consultation at the FOE Conference 2007 , to be held at Reading University from 7th - 9th September.

    For further details and for updates throughout 2007, bookmark this page

    Why Should FOE Promote Plant Based Diets?

    Ditching animal products in favour of vegetarian/vegan diets is the single most effective action that any individual can take to reduce their personal impact on the planet. The evidence for this is indisputable, so much so that organisations whom you may not expect to speak out, are beginning to do so. For instance, take a look at this quote:

    "The livestock sector accounts for 18% of global greenhouse gas emissions - more than transport, which emits 13.5%."

    This quote is taken from a report titled - Livestock’s Long Shadow , by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

    The report goes on to say that livestock production is at the heart of almost every other environmental catastrophe confronting the planet - rainforest destruction, spreading deserts, loss of fresh water, air and water pollution, acid rain and soil erosion. You can read the report in full here

    We would urge you to read this report and familiarise yourself with the facts before attending one of the consultation meetings or filling in the online forms. Much more information can be found in the Vegan Society`s excellent and fully referenced report Eating the Earth which you can download here

    With enough pressure from compassionate, environmentally minded people, we have no doubt that FOE can be persuaded to include the promotion of plant based diets in their five year plan. And other organisations will then surely follow suit!

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    Default Re: Encourage Green Groups to Promote Plant Based Diets

    Im a member of my local Greenpeace group and all our campaigns are directed to us from Head Office so you might want to send them a letter about it.

    Also isnt it part of Veg(etari)an groups such as VIVA! and Animal Aid's ideals to promote such eating. Dont get me wrong, I deffintly think that Veg(etari)an eatign should be promoted but I feel it would be easier if it was done so by groups such as VIVA! which focous on it in more depth.


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    Default Re: Encourage Green Groups to Promote Plant Based Diets

    I`m a member of my local FOE group and we campaign on some of the issues that national FOE work on, but we probably concentrate more on local issues that we choose ourselves. There are 3 vegans and some veggies in our group, and veggie/vegan issues regularly feature heavily in our group newsletter and we work closely with the local veggie/vegan group.

    The whole point of this campaign is that we need to encourage the environmentalists and those that care about the future of the planet, that their diet is of fundamental importance. Veganism is a green issue, it`s totally out of order that our national green groups are not at the very least promoting veggie diets.

    So many people don`t give a stuff about the animals or their own health, but when it comes to their childs future on this fragile planet of ours, they care. These people won`t listen to `animal lib loonies` or `health freaks` but environmentalists could have a much greater impact on them!

    One of FOE`s biggest campaigns is called `Real Food` but plant based diets don`t get a mention. See

    Promoting plant based diets should be as much a part of their campaigns as organics, recycling, energy reduction, transport, fairtrade etc. At the moment, they`re basically telling the public scandalous lies, trying to make out that it`s not an issue by simply ignoring it altogether!!

    Tricky Dicky

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