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Thread: Nutritional Yeast - B12 in UK

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    Default Nutritional Yeast - B12 in UK

    Does anyone know where in the UK I can buy nutritional yeast that has B12 in it? I think the only brand is Red Star, which is American. I love the engevita brand but there is no B12 in it.

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    Default Re: Nutritional Yeast - B12 in UK

    Isn't marmite nutritional yeast? Marmite has B12 in it. Hope this helps

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    Default Re: Nutritional Yeast - B12 in UK

    I've only ever seen the Engevita one over here.

    Marmite is yeast extract. (It's also a Unilever brand. Unilever test on animals and should be boycotted). Better choices of yeast extract would be this or this.
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    Default Re: Nutritional Yeast - B12 in UK

    Hello EFCliz

    I have seen Red Star Nutritional Yeast on sale in the UK but I've just contacted the organic supermarket where it was on sale and it's not stocked any more. Not much help I know. The point is that someone is obviously getting hold of it so it might be worth contacting the manufacturers and asking who:

    Is it actually the spreadable yeast extract type product you're after or is it nutritional yeast (or Brewer's yeast to give it it's UK name) in tablet form?


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    Default Re: Nutritional Yeast - B12 in UK

    As I understand it there are at least three different yeast foods/supplements:

    1) spreadable yeast extract, e.g. Marmite, Natex, Vegemite - usually, but not always, fortified with B12

    2) brewers' yeast (powder or tablets) - don't know whether these contain B12

    3) nutritional yeast in flakes, e.g. Engevita (UK - no B12), Red Star (US - contains B12). This is the one that can be used in cooking to produce a cheesy flavour.

    Sorry, but I haven't seen Red Star here either.

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