Recently, the media in my area has given attention to the environment impacts we are doing to our Earth and possible future results. Maybe its the same at ur place?

Anyway, I found an Italian-based research study on diet and impact on environment and summarised the study. I placed the summary on my blog so if u want u can take a look. It's a little wordy, if u juz want the main points, see below.

- The normal unbalanced Italian diet had the greatest impact on the environment.
- Consumption of animal products within the same way of food production (organic or conventional) also had a greater impact on the environment.
- Beef have the greatest impact on the environment, followed by fish, cheese and milk.
- 3 to 4% of the impact on environment is due to eutrophication.
- 5 to 13% of the impact is due to land usage.
- 5 to 18% is of the impact is due to damage to respiration from inorganic compounds and 20 to 26% from fossil fuel consumption.
- The greatest percentage of the total impact (41 to 46%) comes from water consumption.
- Vegetarian and vegan diets help preserve environmental resources and reduce hunger and malnutrition problems in poorer nations.

The actual research paper is found HERE. It is very very wordy but worth the read imo.