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Thread: New raw foods place at Kings Cross

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    Default New raw foods place at Kings Cross

    I haven't been there and don't know if it's a sit-down cafe or what, but this is from the link

    "We are Based @ 1 Omega place and 10 Caledonian Road Kings Cross London. England We Specialise in SuperLifeFood- Ultra Delicious, Supremely Nutrious, Organic Fresh Pure Vegetarian Fare. High in Cacao(Chocolate) and Hemp Foods. We Serve Fresh Organic Juices, Smoothies, Immortali-Teas, Soups, Salads, Contempory International Gourmet Dishes and Snacks. Our Store supplies the best in Superfoods and Supplements"

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    Default Re: New raw foods place at Kings Cross

    Thanks for the link. I'll have to check that out.

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    Default Re: New raw foods place at Kings Cross

    I usually eat at Alara on Marchmont Street when I'm up that way but I'll have to pay this place a visit.

    I've just looked it up on a map - it's near the Thameslink.

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