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Thread: NYC: PURE soy milk wanted

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    i just moved to NY and i'm desperately looking for a pure soymilk, that only consists of water and soy beans. All the soy milks i found at serveral organic stores consist of dozen of ingredients (next to water and soy).

    Besides that i would really appreciate a glas bottle and organic soy beans.
    I guess this is impossible to buy, but since i know such a product from outside the US i don't give up trying to find sth. similar here (to buy)!


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    Default Re: NYC: PURE soy milk wanted

    Have you considered getting a soy milk maker?

    Most of the "value" soymilks supermarkets sell here are just beans and water, but since I'm in the UK that's probably not a lot of help to you

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    at least i've found a soy milk only made from organic beans and water. unfortunately it's in a tetrapack/plastic, so i still would be interested in some insider tip

    the one i've found is from WEST SOY and you can buy it for example at GRISTEDES in manhattan.

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