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    Being a Vegan is great but eating can fruits and veggies, peanut butter with lots of sugar, white bread and the list goes on. So you can be a vegan and be unhealthy because of the types of food you eat or be healthier by eating meats. So my question is "Should I just eat fresh fruits and veggies, no can or box foods except for oatmeal and so forth". I truly would like to become a true vegan but sometimes I wonder should I eat this or that. I'm pretty knowledgeable about nutrition but the more I know the more confused I become, therefore I don't really know as much as I think I do. I think I need some help.

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    I think a small amount of convenience foods are okay providing you balance them out, it's all a question of just taking a bit of care if you're a new vegan, while you discover how to get a balanced and enjoyable diet.

    You should find most of the answers to your questions about different nutrients if you do a search. Or howabout using a food-logging tool like Fitday to see what you're missing?

    Also, have you looked at the "what did you eat today" thread on here? Most people seem to have a pretty varied diet, it might give you some ideas.

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    As Twinkle says, there's no reason to avoid these things completely although fresh foods are generally more nutritious than preserved ones so it's good to eat as much fresh stuff as possible.

    You can always look on the can, jar or packet to see how much added sugar or salt there is - there seems to be a bit of variation between brands. You should be able to find peanut butter without added sugar or fat in a health food shop - unfortunately most of it seems to have salt added though.

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    I could be wrong but I seem to remember hearing that tinned tomatoes have some advantage over fresh.
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    tinned tomatoes (or actually cooked tomatoes to be more precise) have more lycopene... I am not sure if this makes them better as such, but they have more of this antioxidant ( ...

    I would not totally avoid tinned foods. Tinned sweet corn is yummy! also baked beans and other soaked pulses...

    I would definitely avoid white bread and refined sugar (if I am not mistaken, refined sugar is not vegan as such because most times it is processed with animal bone char)

    Golden, I think the main issue that you need to address to become a "true vegan" is not nutrition but the compassion side of things... the only way you will stick with a vegan diet in a non vegan world is if you awake to the fact that humans are not the only species on this planet and that we are treating our "neighbours" of other species as if they were resources instead of beings with feelings and interests... This is deeply unethical wether you believe in God/gods or not.

    If you awake to this fact, you will NEVER want to eat non vegan food again because you will understand where non vegan food comes from... On top of that, if you feel strongly enough about veganism you might want to become and look super healthy just to show the rest of the people that they dont need to eat animal products either!

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    I eat canned and frozen vegetables aswell as fresh. I agree it is totally possible to be an unhealthy vegan! If you are conscious of your health as others have said, the key is usually balance Frozen and canned are often more convinient than fresh.

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    I use tinned (aka cannned) baked beans, tinned tomatoes, and tinned braised tofu on a regular basis. Sometimes I use tinned fruit, particularly tinned pineapple.
    I think these are all healthy. The baked beans and tomatoes are usually organic.
    Nearly everything else comes from fresh, dried or frozen.
    See my local diary ...

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