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Thread: vegan cosmetics?

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    Default vegan cosmetics?


    i know that there are a lot of vegan-friendly cosmetics out there, but i am specifically looking for ones which -

    * are available in uk high-street stores as opposed to mail-order

    * are fairly cheap!!

    i pretty much know which companies/shops are generally vegan-friendly, [although feel free to mention any companies which are generally good or generally bad anyway!] but when it comes to specific products it's quite difficult having to research every single item you intend to buy before you go shopping, so if anyone could share their knowledge with me it'd be much appreciated!

    i'm also aware that there are a lot of websites with vegan cosmetics, but i'd prefer to avoid that route because firstly i don't know how good any of them are, & i'm a student so i can't afford to waste money!! & i just prefer to see things before i buy them.. however if anyone has anything which they recommend very highly, i'd consider it, especially if it's somewhere where i can get everything i need from in one go rather than individual items.

    in particular i am looking for:

    black mascara
    very pale face powder [not goth-pale, just 'i have very pale skin'-pale. ie NOT orange!!]
    very pale foundation
    pink blusher

    but things like eyeshadows, moisturiser, facewash... etc aswell, i'd just like to build up a more specific knowledge to make life a little easier!
    any help really appreciated, thankyou very much x

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    Default Re: vegan cosmetics?

    Hello pink_bex, if you have a look through the skin/hair/face products forum, you'll find several existing threads like the 'vegan make up', 'mascara', and 'a good face wash' threads amongst others, which should help.

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