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Thread: deep fried tofu ?

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    Default deep fried tofu ?

    Hello, I was really wondering how many vegans deep fry thier tofu in meals. It seems perhaps for some people they do it alot. I just about never do this, except when I make certain recipes, like the general tao's tofu.

    I guess tofu doesn't bother me at all, and maybe alot of people just don't like the taste? Anyways, let me know.

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    Default Re: deep fried tofu ?

    I don't deep-fry my tofu cos I don't have a deep fryer (am curious what deep-fried tofu is like though...) - but I love tofu anyway - and I have it in a lot of different ways.
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    Default Re: deep fried tofu ?

    You can make deep fried tofu without a deep fryer. Just use a big frying pan/wok and fill it with oil.

    I really like it deep fried. Mmm!
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    Default Re: deep fried tofu ?

    I don't deep-fry tofu, oftentimes I just make a sandwich of it just as it is without any more cooking. However, occasionally I buy Deep Fried Tofu from the supermarket, and it tastes quite delicious.

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    Default Re: deep fried tofu ?

    I don't, for health reasons and to save on washing up I try to keep my cooking to a minimum, and sometimes eat my tofu cold, with just soy sauce and grated ginger

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    Default Re: deep fried tofu ?

    I've deep-fried tofu a couple of times and it's really, really good. I don't have a proper frier so I do what Tigerlily says, fill a wok with oil. Lots of things taste great deep fried, so whenever I'm doing tofu I usually add a slice of bread or something else.

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    I've a proper deep fat fryer for making donuts, chips etc (although I haven't used it in the past year) and use pans for tofu. You need to take a lot of care when deep frying and if in doubt about how much oil to use just go with about (when you add the tofu it will cause the oil to rise and if you're using a sensibly sized pan for the tofu 1-2cm may be enough to cover). There's plenty of tips on the net for frying tofu and frying in general, mainly centred around never leaving it whilst cooking and paying lots of attention (I have a no frying when drinking rule). Apparently if it catches fire and you get water near it you get pretty flames like this. This excellent book has lots of info about preparing tofu properly. This quite good book (same publishing company) has quite a few tofu recipes too, but less info on technique.
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