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Thread: Auroville and Quiet Healing Center

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    Lightbulb Auroville and Quiet Healing Center


    If any Vegan/environmentalist visiting India can make plan to stay at Auroville, lot of activities there.

    They are supplying only Vegan foods there. I hope every vegan can find activity of his/her own interest.Their main work is reforestation,organic farming,alternative healing,meditation,yoga...lot.

    "Auroville wants to be a universal town where men and women of all countries are able to live in peace and progressive harmony above all creeds, all politics and all nationalities. The purpose of Auroville is to realise human unity."

    I have planned to visit Auroville ( Pondicherry)-South India in Mid of Dec.2004.

    Manish Jain

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    looks great manish!

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    I want to go and spend a few months in India! (I mean it!)

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    India is so beautiful. Thanks for the link. I would love to visit someday.

    A dear friend was born in Madras India. He visits every other year for a few months.

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    You are most welcome. Yeah it is great country to visit. I am proud of it.

    Stay at Auroville is totally free and Cost of Vegan food is 1$ per day only for three times meal. But in return you have to work there for 4 hours. Work is related to Plantation/Organic Farming. You can stay and work there for as much time as you wish.

    Manish Jain

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    I would love to visit as a guest Teacher and decide if staying longer would work. I'd leave today if my 11 year old daughter felt less strong about leaving the US and California in General...

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    If she does not agree to leave US, you may have to wait till she grows up.


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    Yes. She is an Actress and Performer, and is very passionate about that path. I honor her choice. Nothing about me or what would have been my preferances was honored as a child, and I am very intent on being sure she feels honored in her choices. Also, the only real family we have here is my Sister, my Daughters' Aunt who is like her other Parent in many ways.

    I sooooo long to be somewhere peaceful and gentle, calm and uplifting, without the constraints of greed and capitalism and all of those trappings. I also long for a serene community where money and ownership have little to do with future security and happiness. I am ready to live simply and reap the rewards of a balanced, simple and Spiritually rich life...

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    It is good thinking, Conscious Cuisine. People with kids are usually bound by their responsibilities towards them, like me and wife, wife is not able to join me there at Auroville. I would miss her there.
    Anyway, Women are more responsible and sensible personalities in families, atleast, what I see here in India.

    I am just curious to know about your Avatar. Does she Vegan too? j/k


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    Hold on..............mmm....just off to book my 'plane ticket!

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    Post Hi all

    Hi to this Forum...nice reading to u guys..U guys wannu escape from commercialism..and get to a Vegan city as soon as possible..nice choice..

    I stay in Bangalore...

    As of Manish Jain...U wanted to know some Vegans in Here we have a lot of them..who are strict Vegans<some up to 12 years>..they are good guys and Know what we met on World Vegan Day on November 1, 2004..had some Vegan Shake at coffee day..and came up with a think tank sort of proposal which would work for AR issues.

    I am almost 1 year in Veganism. am abt 23 years old an working for a software company in Bangalore.

    Abt the pondicheery this place madeup with consious choice of Veganism<other wise peacefully> or just for sake of it..or just another agricultural field.

    Is this place some thing to do with...Pranic healing, Reiki, Yoga..??
    Nice Meeting u all..


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    yes, quiet healing center is there at auroville.

    VC did you check up my website mentioned at the place of signature?

    I like to put details about Indian Vegans on .If you are interested, please do send me a write up.

    Do you know about ?

    Do you know that usually there is a Vegan chat room in Yahoo Messenger?

    Can you arrange my meeting with other Vegan fellow there at Banglore around 31st Dec. or on 1st Jan.2005?

    Manish Jain

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    Default Re: Auroville and Quiet Healing Center

    Hi All,

    For all of you who are interested in another way of learning, thinking, living...

    You are all most welcome to the Van Utsav/Forest Festival at Sadhana Forest, Auroville on March 6-13, 2006 !!!

    We are waiting for all of you !!!

    Here are some answers to questions about the Utsav:

    What is Sadhana Forest ?

    Sadhana Forest is a vegan, natural learning, forest community.

    We practice an eco-friendly way of life including indigenous planting, veganism, solar energy, natural learning, and composting toilets.

    Future projects will include creating a vegan organic vegetable garden, and implementing a grey water system.

    Our dream is to ecologically transform 70 acres of severely eroded land. The main action areas of Sadhana Forest are planting the Tropical Dry Evergreen Forest (TDEF) indigenous to our area, and erecting earthen dams and bunds for water conservation.

    What kind of accommodation will be provided ?

    Very similar to the accommodation in the previous Van Utsav at Van Vadi.

    Accommodation will be in the volunteer huts, or in big tents that we will build especially for the Utsav.

    You are also most welcome to bring your own tent, sleeping bag, hammock, rain protection

    How do we get to Sadhana Forest ? (please print this section and take with you on your trip)

    From Chennai (Madras):

    Take a bus from Chennai to Pondicherry through Tindivanam (NOT through the ECR = East coast Road)
    Get off the bus at: Thiruchitrambalam Koot Road. From there take an Autorickshaw to Sadhana Forest (Chinna Pattanur) and pay 30 Rs. (maximum 35 Rs.)
    From Pondicherry:

    Take a bus from Pondicherry to Tindivanam or to Sedarapet and get off the bus at: Thiruchitrambalam Koot Road. From there take an Autorickshaw to Sadhana Forest (Chinna Pattanur) and pay 30 Rs. (maximum 35 Rs.)
    If you have any problem finding Sadhana Forest please call us at: 2677682 or 2677683 or 2002655

    How do we confirm my participation in the Van Utsav?

    Please send us an email to as soon as possible

    with the Subject: Participation of X

    X will be the number of participants confirming their participation in this email including adults and children.

    In the text of the email message please write the names of each of the participants, their ages, and the name of the city that they live in.

    Please confirm your participation as soon as possible, and the latest on February 15th.

    Early confirmations will make it easier for us to efficiently prepare Sadhana Forest for the festival, and therefore will be very much appreciated !!!

    What should we bring ?

    Here is the list of what you should bring for the Van Utsav:

    1. A chatai/shatranji/mat to sleep on.

    2. A bedsheet and a blanket.

    3. Warm clothing for sleep.

    4. A glass or mug, a katori, a soup bowl, a plate and a spoon each

    5. A personal water bottle/container

    6. A flashlight (or at least one per family)

    8. Swim-wear

    9. some mosquito repellant oil/cream.

    10 Personal musical instruments, talent/skill accessories, workshop tools/aids, a personal pen,
    notebook, small back-pack or jhola,

    Optional list:

    1. A mosquito net.

    2. You are welcome to bring your own tent, sleeping bag, hammock, rain protection.

    What shouldn't we bring ?

    1. Thank you for NOT bringing any food to Sadhana Forest (except of vegetables and fruits, if you wish to bring them).

    Please do not bring any sweets or treats !!!

    We will take care of supplying all ofthe food, including the sweet stuffs.

    Sadhana Forest is a 100% vegan, natural food environment, so please don't bring any foods from the outside !!!

    (A vegan is a person who avoids the use of any animal products for nourishment or for any other purpose. Vegans do not eat meat, fish, eggs, dairy (milk) products, honey, or any other animal products. Our primary motivation to be vegans is Ahimsa.)

    2. Thank you for NOT bringing or lighting any candles, lanterns, mosquito coils, incenses,or any other flammable materials to Sadhana Forest !!!

    Our huts, tents and forest, are highly flammable especially in the hot, dry weather of March !!!

    We do not want to take any risk of fire !!!

    How do we cover the costs of our participation ?

    We estimate that we should be able to barely cover our direct costs (inclusive of food) if the payments received are:

    Rs. 600 per participant or Rs. 1200 per family (upto 2 adults & 2 kids).

    We know from experience that things always cost more than our estimations, and that there are always unexpected expenses, therefore larger contributions will be very helpful and greatly appreciated !!!

    Please bring the contributions for the Van Utsav with you, and hand them to us upon your arrival, so we can immediately purchase what is needed.

    How can we help with the organization ?

    You can help a lot by:

    1. Forwarding this email to everyone that you feel may want to attend.

    2. Confirming your participation as soon as possible (as described above).

    We wish all of us a great Utsav !!!

    See you in March,


    Osher Yorit and Aviram

    Sadhana Forest


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    Default Re: Auroville and Quiet Healing Center

    Hi Manish
    Auroville looks like a very interesting place! And the Sadhana forest community is vegan, how fabulous!
    I've been to the Auroville site about three times already, and shown it to my family, (they were also impressed).
    Are you going to the festival, or are you there permanently?

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    Default Re: Auroville and Quiet Healing Center

    hi jacqui,

    You are right Sadhana Forest is fabulous being Vegan. I stayed there for 15 days in Dec.2004. One can stay anytime.It is cheap plus no accommodation charges. One learns lot. One can live permanently also. Since I would be busy with kids in the festival period due to their tests. I would really miss that.

    Manish Jain

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    Default Re: Auroville and Quiet Healing Center

    Hi Manish,

    Is it just one part of Auroville which is vegan? I didn't get it well to be honest, it seems that only the forest community there is vegan? And what about the whole Auroville? Does they allow themselve to eat animal products?

    All the best in your quest...

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    Default Re: Auroville and Quiet Healing Center

    hi geysir,

    Yes, only one part(Sadhana Forest) of Auroville is Vegan.

    Manish Jain

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    Default Re: Auroville and Quiet Healing Center

    Hi Manish!

    And the rest? Are they veggie? or do they eat corpses?

    I was just wondering...

    All the best with your jain brotherhood

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    Default Re: Auroville and Quiet Healing Center

    Rest are mixed. Auroville is like a small sub-town of Pondicherry.

    Manish Jain

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    Default Re: Auroville and Quiet Healing Center

    Rs. 600 is $AU18.00 !! For a one week festival! What a bargain and a lot better than Woodford by the sound of it!

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