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    I posted on here a while ago about a short film I'd made about being vegan and asked for some help getting pictures of factory farms and vegan food. Thanks to everyone who gave me permission to use their food pictures, although when it was put together I didnt need as many as I thought I did.
    I got the finished film back a while ago and thought I would put it on YouTube. The sound came out a bit dodgy, and the guy who put it together for me edited out too much when I asked him to cut out a bit about veal crates, which I didn't realise were now banned in Europe, he cut out the whole bit about male calves being killed as they are considered useless. Apart from that though, I think it turned out pretty good.
    I made it as part of a 6 month confidence building group course I was on, all of our digital stories got shown at the celebration ceremony at the end of the project, and lots of people afterwards were talking about it, asking questions and saying they'd found out things they didn't realise. So I was pretty happy with that reaction
    Here it is anyway

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    Default Re: My Vegan Digital Story

    Hey thats really well done and interesting + easy to watch. I hope you are proud of it!

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    Good for you, justagirl. Nice clear messages there.

    I guess you may need to be prepared for some foolish comments from youtubers (other vegan material on there sometimes gets them) but you will reach a big audience so it's worth it.

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