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Thread: vegan community near byron bay

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    Default vegan community near byron bay

    If anyone is interested in living or staying
    with us at wilsons creek
    (20 mins from byron, 8km to mullumbimby)

    we have 11 acres on the creek
    plenty of space for fruit trees,vege gardens etc
    and two rooms rooms available
    $70 / $100 pw

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    Default Re: vegan community near byron bay

    Wow, thankyou for sharing this idea with us here

    BB is my favourite place on earth (minus all the first-time-away-from-home-drunken-backpackers of more recent years) is such a beautiful place and the people are wonderful. I lived there briefly a few yrs ago and plan to do so again...I think it's the perfect place for a commune and I wish you all blessings in peace, Metta and happiness there.

    ~ United we stand..Divided we fall ~

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    Smile Re: vegan community near byron bay

    i'm currently in hawaii and want to come on a vegan photography/relaxation/sightseeing trip to byron bay and the gold coast. i'm looking for a place to stay and some help in getting by (like buying a car, calculating costs etc.) waiting to hear from whoever is interested,


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    Default vegan wwoof near byron

    we have 11 acres on wilsons creek
    (swimming holes)
    with plenty of fruit trees to plant,
    bamboo huts to build...

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    Default Re: vegan community near byron bay

    no rooms for rent at the moment
    however if 'wwoofing' is possible
    in tents

    -currently 9 people living here
    most vegetarian -not vegan

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