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Thread: Bread?

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    Default Bread?

    Is most bread these days vegan? I know that some breads like naan bread aren't and I always read the ingredients before I buy in the supermarket (although I have only once found some that wasn't - a sub roll) but what is your rule on eating bread in restaurants for example?

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    Personally, I wouldn't eat it unless I'd checked first. I don't ever assume things are vegan. It's surprising what goes into even simple foods. Fortunately, at home I have a breadmaker but I believe Hovis and a few others label if a product is vegan and the supermarkets should be able to tell you if their own bread is OK.
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    Default Re: Bread? thread may be of help, and probably others too.

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    Default Re: Bread?

    Thanks! I recently has a "disagreement" with someone who said that ALL bread contained milk and that I was just pretending to be a vegan because I still eat bread

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    Default Re: Bread?

    Someone I know said I couldn't eat bread and be vegan because all bread contains eggs.

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    I've had someone say that all bread contained eggs, too.

    I'd rule out bread in restaurants in most cases. In many cases, even if the dough was vegan, they glaze it with egg white to make the crust shiny.

    I stick with a particular brand that I know is vegan. I'm pretty sure it's in America only, though. Ciabatta bread has also always been vegan when I've checked (though I still check if I buy from a different baker than usual). It's great dipped in olive oil and a touch of balsamic.

    So yeah, I check and then tend to stick with the ones that I know are vegan.

    P.S. Croutons in salads tend to contain eggs or milk ingredients from all my checking.

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    Default Re: Bread?

    i dont trust any bread thats not fresh made.

    anything in the supermarkets here in the states is sure to have not only whey ingredients, but possibly eggs and probably mono & diglycerides.

    and fresh made ones, french bread is USUALLY the one to trust. not all thought.

    it really comes down to the fact that you have to always check ingredients... wherever you go. restaurants, markets, bakerys... ect.
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