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Thread: White cake recipe

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    Default White cake recipe

    I've managed to refine the "white cake" recipe I've been using, and it's producing better cakes than before. So I'll post the current version here in case it's of use to anyone.

    This recipe doesn't weigh anything. Everything is measured by volume.

    Self-raising flour 250 ml (yes, millilitres )
    1 1/2 tsp baking powder (typical 1 flat + 1/2 teaspoons, not cook's teaspoons)
    150ml caster sugar
    Small pinch of salt

    Sieve all of these into a bowl.

    Then mix:

    150ml soya milk
    70ml oil (I use sunflower)
    1/4 tsp vanilla essence (same teaspoons as before)

    Add the wet ingredients to the dry ingredients. Mix, and put into a cake tin lined with greaseproof paper. Cook in an oven. I've found that this recipe, and vegan recipes in general, tend to be sensitive to the oven used. In our current oven, we put it on 180 degrees celcius, and cook for about 40 minutes. I think our oven doesn't heat up as much as the setting suggests, and people with other ovens might want to try lower temperatures, say 170 or so. In some ovens it might just fall in the middle, with the crust of the cake being hard.

    This cake recipe also works well for a fruit sponge pudding. I put one tin of fruit filling (e.g. co-op apple pie filling) in the bottom of a pyrex oblong cooking ... thing. I then put the cake batter (as above) on top, and cook for the regulation time. Last time I did this I mixed the apple with some hand picked blackberries, and it turned out nice.

    OK, hope this unsolicited recipe is of some vague use to somebody.

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    Default Re: White cake recipe

    Thank you RossClement, I have just printed out your recipe and will bake a cake tomorrow (when I get some of the ingredients I need!)

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    Default Re: White cake recipe

    lovely, in sweden we cut this into three layers and fill it with fresh strawberries or jam, melty vanilla icecream (great for vegans just use swedish glace!) and top with vegan whipped cream and strawberries

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    Default Re: White cake recipe

    possible to substitute the soya milk for rice milk for example?

    err..whilst i'm here so i don't have to start a new thread or (or trawl looking for a suitable existing one)..when using recipes calling for soya milk..i'm thinking scones here specifically..ok to swop for rice milk??
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    Default Re: White cake recipe

    With that volume of liquid/fat/flour I'm suprised you need that much baking powder. When I use roughly double the other ingredients I use the same amount of baking powder that you use and get good raising (hotter oven and really whisked immediately before going in).

    Generally speaking you can swap out any type of liquid for another, provided you aren't massively changing things like pH.
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