I'm looking for a place to live, in the south London area...

Hopefully no more than 400 a month...

About me:
I'm a friendly pro-active person, sincere and laid back. I like to read and write, socialise, get involved with activism, listen to music, cook and go places.

I tidy my own mess, I am not loud and I enjoy sharing what I cook. I am reliable with both rent and bills. I'm a non-smoker and not a big drinker these days. I try to live environmentally friendly, so I don't like to waste a lot of electricity.

I have lots of interests, I'd love to learn gardening, or maybe how to fix electronics, or customising clothes... Anything really, which helps self-suffiency.

What I'm looking for
An affordable and friendly place in South London with people who work, preferably over 25 years old (though not exclusively). The reason why I want to live with people in work is to split council tax.

I plan on going back to university in October (evening course) and would need a quiet room to study. Not to say I hate parties or anything, but would rather live with people who don't wanna party every night.

If you're looking for a flatmate, drop me a message.

Looking to move mid to late March. Personal and professional references can be supplied, as well as proof that I am in paid employment.

ETA: I don't mind living with omnis or people from different backgrounds... But the place needs to be gay friendly and non-racist. Ta x