First of all, Hi, I am Jen. I am glad to be on the board. My situation is strange. I am planning on going Vegan. My husband lives on nothing but burgers, hotdogs and chicken, white all the things I plan to stop eating. (many of which I haven't eaten in years) That isn't the problem. I can buy and cook for myself. The issue is my 5 year old son who is addicted to the things my husband eats. He is interested in new foods, but if my plate is filled with things that are green and my husband's plate is filled with all things meat, my son prefers the meat and won't touch the veggies. He won't even allow veggies on his plate. Much like my husband. The best I can do at dinner time is to require that he try it. He takes half a bite and announces that he doesn't like it. Even with things that he used to like. To add to the issue, my son goes to his father's house every two weeks where he is fed donuts, candy, and all sorts of meat with no regard to nutrition. (He is trying to be my son's friend rather than dad, a common occurance in divorced families)

My question is do I just announce that he is now Vegan and will not be allowed to eat any more meat? Or do I try to ease everyone into it. I am the only one in my family who is even remotely interested in the Vegan lifestyle, so I am on my own...I plan to serve my son a lot of meat substitutes and to hide veggies in the form of snacks like sweet potato, carrot and other veggie chips to make the transition easier until his palate is ready for more "hardcore" things like salad. He won't even look at a salad without announcing that he doesn't like salad.
Can I just demand support from family and trust that he is being fed according to healthy standards or just do it at home and let him be fed whatever other people feed him when he is away?

Eek! Sorry my first post is such a book! Thanks for reading!