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Thread: Children and multivitamins

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    Default Children and multivitamins

    Everyday my son has a mixed multivitamin with his breakfast. I don't think he needs to have the multivitamin, except for B12. He eats a will balanced diet and sometimes I have to remind myself he doesn't need as much as me. I find that I have 'peace of mind' when he has his multivitamin.

    Do you give multivitamins to your children, thinking they may need it or to have 'peace of mind'? and also are there any parents whose children don't take multivitamins?

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    My kids take vegan multivitamins when we remember and/or we have them available. In practice, that's like a month straight with vitamins 5 days a week, then we run out and it's a month until we have some more vitamins in our house.

    I don't know where that puts us. I know that we do the vitamins just as "peace of mind" rather than relying on them. Plus, the kids think the vitamins are candy, so they are quite eager for us to buy them when we can.
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    Default Re: Children and multivitamins

    I don't give my children multi vits and don't take any myself.
    I'd rather teach them to get their vitamins through food.
    Although the soya milk we use does have b12 and calcium added, because it's the one we like the taste of best.
    With the the possible exception of B12(debated on other threads) vitamins and minerals are very easy to come by so I don't see any reason to supplement. Although I might consider it if someone was ill. e.g When I was in the pit of depression and not eating properly I took vit B tablets to get my head above water enough to start helping myself (mainly for the B5).

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    Default Re: Children and multivitamins

    Just make sure your kids get enough good food to prevent any nutrient deficiencies....

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    Default Re: Children and multivitamins

    Yes fuhzy, that is far better than putting kids on vitamins for the rest of their lives. Check out this:

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