Well, as some of you know, I've been scheduled to come to study in Brighton, but that will not come to pass this year. I didn't properly fill out (okay, I forgot to fill out) my financial aid applications. If I had, I could have expected a significant grant of money from my school for all of my fees. I missed my chance to get any grants, and as such I cannot afford to go.

I'm pretty embarrassed about it and all, but I'll get over it. I WILL absolutely study there next year, and properly, without going into much if any debt!

My cousin did plan to visit me in the UK in December, though, and since she's already paid for her plane ticket, I figured it would make sense for her and I to come for a few weeks this December so that we could enjoy the wonderful English December weather!

We're still working out the budget, which is limited. I figured I'd ask if anyone on the board here would be willing to house the two of us for a couple of days. We'll pretty much go where there is cheap or free rooming available to us, and we'll work out some way to make it worth it for those who help us out.

I'm not absolutely sure that we're even going yet, but if we can figure out how to make it affordable, then we will, so I'm just asking in a preliminary sort of way, to see if staying with some people from this board is even an option, or if anyone knows of ways to keep the costs down while travelling around the UK.

Thanks for not laughing at my horribly embarrassing paperwork mistake, which has become especially embarrassing as I've spent the past 9 months going around to everyone I know, dancing and singing that I'm going to England. (sigh) It's never fun when people wonder what you're still doing here.

Anyway, that's my story.