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    Default Rice Pudding

    From Great Good Desserts Naturally by Fran Costigan

    Makes 4 c.

    2 c. cooked brown rice
    1 c. rice milk or soy milk, plus additional for serving
    1 1/2 c. firm tofu, blanched
    1/3 c. rice syrup
    1/4 c. maple syrup
    2 tsp. ground cinnamon
    1/2 tsp. ground nutmeg
    1 T. kuzu or 2 T. arrowroot, dissolved in 2 T. water
    2 tsp. vanilla extract
    2/3 c. raisins
    2/3 c. roasted sunflower seeds
    1 tsp. ground cinnamon mixed with 2 T. maple sugar

    Puree rice with the rice or soy milk, tofu, rice syrup, maple syrup, spices, dissolved kuzu or arrowroot, and vanilla in a food processor. Pour the puree into a baking dish. Mix in raisins and seeds and bake for 1 hour at 375 F. Remove the pudding from the oven, sprinkle with the cinnamon sugar, and bake for 10 min. longer.

    Serve pudding warm or at room temperature.

    I haven't tried this one, either, and I'd rather have my rice pudding w/o raisins and sunflower seeds. I bet you can leave them out and add more rice for texture.

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    Here's another recipe, looks a little easier:

    I think instead of raisins, you can use sweetener to taste.

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    I did the second recipe. The first one was again out of my league simply because I can't get tofu, maple or rice sirup, and arrowroot or kuzu. damn. Sounds like I'm in the Iraq or sth.

    Anyway. The second recipe was what I was looking for.
    I didn't add raisins (too lazy to go to store) and used oat milk and added brown sugar.

    What I did:
    I was cooking the regular rice in milk.
    Adding milk till the rice was to my liking.

    It was very good.
    I like Eminem - Encore

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