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Thread: Vegan clothing in Canada

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    Default Vegan clothing in Canada

    I have been searching the net, trying to find Vegan clothing IN CANADA. Does anyone know of any affordable, eco-friendly shops online? There are tons in the US that also, charge a ton for shipping.

    Thanx for your help,


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    Default Re: Clothing???

    I suggest

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    Does certify anything as vegan?

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    I've shopped for vegan clothes in Canada. I don't get what you mean by "affordable & eco-friendly". Anywhere where you can find "affordable, eco-friendly" clothes will inevitably have some that is vegan friendly. What's more difficult is find clothes that fits your style and body.

    If you want "eco-friendly", you can always buy patagonia, as that's available everywhere. It's just expensive, so you can alway find some used patagonia at goodwill.

    I shop in Canadian malls and in Toronto when I travel over there. I don't see what's hard about finding vegan clothes in Canada. Perhaps more specifics might help.
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    Check out the Toronto Vegetarian Podcast at !

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    If you want eco-friendly you can always buy second-hand clothes. Most are made from cotton or synthetics (polyester; although it's manufacture could be argued not to be eco-friendly) that are vegan. I had to buy a new belt (sadly the one I've had for years is leather) because of the weight I've lost since becoming vegan and got a cotton one from a Talize second-hand.

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    i don't know about their shipping costs to canada, but Alternative Apparel makes organic tees with eco friendly dyes that fit nicely, look great & are super soft.
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