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    Hey hey, first post in ages. hope you are good.

    I'm posting this here because they don't have an SA section in the travelling forums.

    In january I'm gonna be living in south africa for two months. It will be near cape town, I'll be taking part in a shark conservation scheme, its gonna be amazing becasue I love sharks. I've been vegan in america, germany and scotland, and found them all quite easy because I stayed in big cities (edinburgh is even easier than london). America was a bit of a rpoblem because I was in just a small town in Pennsylvania.

    Does anyone know how hard it would be in south africa? Just the stereotype in my head of a south african is a bloke dressed like steve irwin going out hunting, bit like a crocodile dundee type and being really obnoxious to boot.

    I hope I am being presumtious, so january will be easier.

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    Default Re: Being vegan in South Africa

    Hello Goatboy

    I am from Cape Town. I've been living in England for the past 3 years,
    and became a vegetarian and later a vegan while over here, so I
    haven't really lived there as a vegan, but I've been back a number of
    times, and I am confident that I will be able to maintain my lifestyle
    there without much problem (I'm going back at the end of the year for
    about 6 months).

    There are a significant number of "Steve Irwin" types in South Africa,
    but not as many as you think. And they are mostly in other parts of
    the country, not Cape Town, which I think you'll be quite surprised
    by, considering what you're expecting. And every country has obnoxious
    people. England sure has its share (loud, drunk chavs all over the
    place). I don't think South Africans are any more or less obnoxious
    than the people of any other nation.

    But veg*ans are definitely not as common there as they are in other
    countries. Meat is the staple. And the Steve Irwin types do like to
    hunt. But that doesn't mean that you'll find it particularly difficult
    to live as a vegan there. E.g. shops there do stock soya milk, fake
    meat, tofu, etc. The only problem might be restuarants, but then
    again, they're a problem in most countries.

    Anyway, I've been fascinated by sharks (and marine life in general)
    since I was a little boy, and wanted to become a marine biologist, but
    ended up studying computer science . So I envy you for the
    work you're going to be doing there! I hope you enjoy your time there,
    and please let us all know what you thought.
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    Default Re: Being vegan in South Africa

    Quote ayon View Post
    E.g. shops there do stock soya milk, fake
    meat, tofu, etc. The only problem might be restuarants, but then
    again, they're a problem in most countries.
    I guess the chances of the fake meat being vegan are slim, but then
    again, it seems that the stuff is usually more favoured by regular
    vegetarians, anyway.

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    Default Vegan South Africa?

    My wife and I will be in South Africa in a month for the World Cup (CAN'T WAIT!). We'll be in north Jo'burg most of the time (near Sandton) and Cape Town for a few days. I have found links on and, but does anyone else have any suggestions? Thanks!
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    Default Re: Vegan South Africa

    Hi, I just merged your thread with a similar thread - but here are some links that may be interesting....

    Vegan Dining Out in South Africa
    (from Vegan South Africa -
    The South African Vegan Society's forum
    The Vegetarian Society if South Africa
    Vegans in South Africa (VISA) - contact info
    Top 10 Vegetarian Restaurants in South Africa:


    Vegetarian health food in a pretty garden with climbing frames for kids. Understated, stylish cuisine. Ginger juice, roasted butternut and pecan salad. Heavenly gluten-free chocolate cake. 61 Dundalk Avenue, Parkview, Johannesburg, Gauteng. Tel 011 486 3361.

    Fresh Earth

    Chef, Matthew Ballenden, offers super-chic vegetarian food without the dour quality that sometimes accompanies vegetarian eateries. Don’t miss the marvellous mezze platters and meat free burgers. 103 Komatie Road, Emmarentia, Johannesburg, Gauteng. Tel 011 646 4404.


    This eatery is run by devotees of Hindu Guru Swarmi Narayan. Expect the likes of mukkha chickpea swirls, dinawa bean curries and moona samoosas sprinkled with coriander sambal. 74 Church Street, Mayfair, Johannesburg, Gauteng. Tel 011 837 2407.

    Krishna’s Pure Vegetarian Cuisine

    The lentil laden biryani is a Cape legend in its own lunch time. No eggs, onions or garlic are used in the preparation as this is believed to disturb meditation. Riverside Centre, Main Road, Rondebosch, Cape Town, Western Cape. Tel 021 685 5767.

    Tibetan Tea House

    Lentil, onion and tomato Sherpa stew is the signature dish of this charming café. The vegan chocolate cake with salty Tibetan butter tea is an epicurean adventure deluxe. 2 harington Road, Seaforth, Simonstown, Cape Town, Western Cape. Tel 021 7861544.

    Nan Hua Temple

    Taiwanese style vegetarian cuisine is served daily 9am to 4pm. Sundays see blow-out buffet lunches. Nan Hua Road, Cultura Park, Bronkhorstspruit, North West. Tel 013-931-0009.

    Addis in the Cape

    This Ethiopian restaurant serves meat but they have a separate vegetarian Menu which has no animal products such as fat. Delicious injera breads and misir wat lentil stews. 41, Church Street, Corner of Long Street, Cape Town, Western Cape. Tel 021 424 5722.

    Govindas:The Temple of Understanding

    South Indian vegan delicacies served with a smile. Bean curries served on crisp papad studded with cumin are the speciality of the house. 50 Bhaktivedantawami Circle in Chatsworth, KZN. Tel 031 403 3328.

    Fruits and Roots

    Johannesburg’s oldest and best known vegetarian restaurant caters for vegan, lacto-vegetarian and lacto-ovo vegetarians. Organic vegetables, no sugar, all cold-pressed oils, and all the cakes are gluten free. Shop G13 Hobart Corner, Corner Grosvenor & Hobart Roads, Bryanston, Johannesburg, Gauteng. Tel: 011 463-2928.

    Sincere Chinese Restaurant

    This restaurant lives up to its name. They do sell meat but the separate vegetarian menu lists over 50 items and there is no cross contamination in the kitchen. Northcliff shopping centre, cnr. Beyers Naude and Milner Road, Northcliff. Tel: 011 888 8833.
    ...and here's a vegan South African-ish dish:

    I will not eat anything that walks, swims, flies, runs, skips, hops or crawls.

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