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    I had a drink in a restaurant a while ago called Yannoh and since then I've been trying to find it but no one seems to have heard of it. It's a kind of coffee substitute (there's a vanilla version too). Does anyone know of any shops that sell it in London?

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    I have seen it, but I can't think where On this page there are some contacts who might be able to help if all else fails, but no phone numbers unfortunately:

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    i don't know of anywhere specific but i think a veggie wholefood shop in Brighton sells it, so there should be somewhere in London that stocks it (sorry not very helpful i know). you could ask your nearest wholefood shop if they can order some in for you. have you checked Fresh & Wild?

    you can buy it online here (scroll down towards the bottom) although i've never used them so i don't know if they're any good.
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    I have never heard of Yannoh.
    I used to know someone who drank Barleycup which is a coffee substitute as well, she bought it from Holland and Barrett, maybe you could try that if you can't get hold of any Yannoh.


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