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Thread: Flour? Vital wheat gluten? Wheat protein isolate?

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    Default Flour? Vital wheat gluten? Wheat protein isolate?

    I am looking to incorporate more protein in my diet, more non-soy protein. I have been looking at wheat gluten, but it sounds like it's tough to make? Also, I have found a product that is a wheat protein isolate. Is this any good? What should I buy? From where? Confusion!

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    Default Re: Flour? Vital wheat gluten? Wheat protein isolate?

    I've made seitan out of flour - it took a while and was rather messy but wasn't that difficult really. Think I had to chase some special (high-gluten?) flour first...

    Alternatively, you could just buy yourself some seitan, either ready made or in kit form :

    Personally I wouldn't fancy anything called "isolate" as it sounds a bit unnatural, but perhaps I'm being irrational there.

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