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Thread: Out of this world closing down

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    Default Out of this world closing down

    Dont know if everyones aware of this but Out of this world is closing down, they are looking to go into liquidation, with a meeting on the 3rd Dec.

    My mum invested in this company back in the 90's Its a shame they are closing down.

    It does look like the shops in Nottingham and Leeds might stay open longer, and might be taken over independantly?

    Heres the info :

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    Hope the Leeds one stays open!!!! It ought to, after Beanos moving and closing down they have the centre of Leeds pretty much to themselves. Also they may now ditch the meat from the shop and maybe... the dairy... i hope.

    Shame they closed down though, with less wholefood shops about it is harder for smaller companies to sell their products.

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    that really is a shame. I need to try and support more independent stores...

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