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    Now that have this wonderful smelling spice, I am ready to try different recipes that include it, I need help with your favorite recipes that include it. Wow I love the smell, its incredible! I have tasted a few dishes that include it when I have eaten away from home, I loved them, but cannot remember what they were even called.

    Please share favorite recipes with me that include garam masala, I also have some cookbooks I will list below, if you have a favorite recipe in one of these cookbooks that include it, let me know the name of the recipe.

    Vegan with a vengeance
    The glad cow cookbook
    La Dolce Vegan

    Thank you for any responses

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    the only recipe I've tried with garam masala was a chickpea and potato curry, but I don't remember where I got the recipe. It was delicious.
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    I put garam masalain just about any curry. I know that's of no help specific recipe-wise, but just wanted to let you know you can chuck it in anything. just a couple of teaspoons.

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