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Thread: Arizona Cardinals new Stadium (Phoenix, AZ)

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    Exclamation Arizona Cardinals new Stadium (Phoenix, AZ)

    Hello all,
    FYI, I just went to this stadium 2 weeks ago. Some impressions of what I found:

    1. They are adamant about no outside food being brought in ~ except for baby food & you have to show the baby

    2. I was told beforehand that I could go up to the club level to the sushi restaurant, but lo & behold, can't do that unless you have a club level ticket. Wish they told me that prior.

    3. Their food service contracted company is Centerplate. I emailed them prior asking for vegan food. I got back the reply: pretzels AND popcorn. WOW! what a vegan concept.

    4. I then emailed them after the game (finding NO vegan food)... I was told there were "salads and fresh fruit". Sure didn't see them at any of the concession stands. I also wrote: "It is very, very frustrating to those of us who eat "outside" of the mainstream to go to venues like yours where the management is adamant about no outside food. How much money would I cause you to lose if I bring in a 6oz container of my soy yogurt and a soy smoothie? If I can't eat any of the offerings, you *still* would not make any money from me."

    In short, don't go there unless you eat beforehand.

    Vegan in Vegas

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    Default Re: Arizona Cardinals new Stadium (Phoenix, AZ)

    Wow! That really sucks! Good on you for writing to them and letting them know your opinion!

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    Default Re: Arizona Cardinals new Stadium (Phoenix, AZ)

    Not only did I write directly to the stadium people, I wrote a scathing letter to the corporate HQ of the foodservice people, I signed them up at vegadvantage (which helps public foodservice locations develop more veg*n options), told SoyHappy about the stadium and the "wonderful" food service AND I posted this message to a bunch of other veg boards. Did I forget anyone?

    Pretzels & popcorn... Hmmph

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