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    I have a strange obsession with cake batter, like i would rather eat the batter than the baked cake. So if i make the batter with applesauce instead of eggs, will it taste any different? I assume it won't be as dangerous (salmanila) however i never got that as a kid.

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    Oh yeah it's good veegan style. I always make more to eat some first, I like it chocolatelelelely. and I feel smug after the years of "the eggs in that'll make you sick" warnings from my mum as a child. I say do it, do it lots.

    I never have used applesauce though. There's many a variety of cake mix recipes if you do a quick search here. Perhaps you could try them ALL.

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    Hey I don't know if you've tried applesauce in the cake batters yet (although I assume you have tried vegan cake batter in general!) but I have some pointers. I also LOVE LOVE LOVE cake batter and sometimes do just eat it without baking it (or if there is some left over just make some quick cupcakes lol). Anywho, I have found that the batter itself tastes better when you use ener-g egg replacer. You can somewhat taste the applesauce in the batter (if you don't mind that, then it is still good). If you replace eggs using soy yogurt then you will really taste the yogurt in the batter...which I personally do not like (although the applesauce and/or soy yogurt really makes nice moise scrumptious cakes....even when mixed together in a recipe).

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    I have used applesauce in cakes before and it makes them a bit heavy and a bit rubbery.
    I agree cake batter is lovely as long as the cake isnt to sweet, chocolate cake batter is the best.
    No danger, just tuck in.

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    silly question: why try to replace eggs if you aren't going to cook it? All you should need is a bit of extra liquid fat to get the same consistancy.
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