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    Not sure if this is the right place to write (rant) this, but hey ho. I'm just so disgusted.
    I was shopping in Booths earlier (a well respected supermarket), and I sometimes get a tub of sundried tomatoes from the deli (quicker and easier than doing my own...). Today I got a similar thing, mixed mediterranean veg in oil. As I was walking back towards where my boyf was with the basket, I was looking at it, and I noticed a piece of HAM in the tub. YUCK.
    I stormed back to the counter and handed it back saying it had ham in it. The woman asked me if I wanted some more!?!! Um, no. She couldn't understand why.
    I've always checked that they use separate utensils and stuff like that, but it seems that even though they say they do, things happen to get chucked about. It was a small piece, god knows how it had ended up in there. Good job I noticed when I did.
    I was very vocal about telling my member of staff heard and then was ULTRA helpful when I asked where the sprouts were LOL.
    I'm going to write a letter of complaint I think. I'm really horrified. To think I could have bought and eaten it without realising... ugh.

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    yuck. I know how you feel as I once bought potato salad and took a big bite of bacon! Good thing you noticed first.

    I think this kind of thing is unavoidable. Back in HS I worked at a Sbarros. The marinara sauce was vegan, but it was right next to the tray of meat balls, and very often the same spoon was used for both. Workers don't think about that stuff, unfortunately.
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