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Thread: The Human "Hybrid" Digestion System

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    Default The Human "Hybrid" Digestive System

    An interesting article that talks about the consequences of modern chemically broken down diet and it's effects on the human digestive system.

    Definitely worth a read (be warned it's quite long though).

    I came across it when I researching fibre and how much fibre other herbivores eat.

    I find it interesting that Chimpanzees are closely related to us in terms of DNA and they eat well over 100g of fiber a day.

    The average westerner eats around 15g - 20g per day.

    I don't know if Humans ever eat over 100g of fibre a day at any point in time, but it's certainly an interesting topic, especially when you consider the mushy low fibre aspects of non plant based foods and a lot of cooked food.

    I am intrigued by the idea that our primative ancestors may have generated a lot of energy from fiber, with help from beneficial bacteria in the colon fermenting the fiber to produce short chain fatty acids which get absorbed into the body.

    This article estimates 25 to 35% of their energy was achieved in this way.

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    Default Re: The Human "Hybrid" Digestion System

    Interesting article. I have actually wondered if it is at all possible for our digestive systems to adapt to utilize a larger proportion of vegetable matter for energy. I don't know but it seems like I get a lot of energy out of what I eat.

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