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Thread: Nutritional content of sesame seed milk and pulp?

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    Question Nutritional content of sesame seed milk and pulp?

    Hello there, good afternoon!

    I have been making my own sesame seed milk for the past few days, and really do enjoy the rich creaminess it adds to my banana smoothies (essentially, just bananas and water...).

    Currently, I pour 200g of sesame seeds into my blender, gradually adding water until a paste is formed, then continuing to add water until the entire jug is full (approximately 1.5L), blitzing for a couple of minutes on the fastest setting. Next, I leave the milk to sit for a little while, as I gather this helps the sesame flavour to intensify through the water, while also producing a rather delicious froth at the top of the jug.

    This reasonably smooth mixture is passed through a fine net (actually intended to prevent scraps of food from clogging up the sink), with the sesame milk liquid squeezed out comically until only the pulp is remaining.

    Chilled in the fridge, the sesame milk is delicious, however the left over pulp is...well, rather bland. I do not own a dehydrator, nor am I terribly interested in spreading the pulp all over my body. Lacking suitable alternative uses, I am afraid to say that the pulp is currently being flushed down the toilet, however in future, I intend to spread it onto a small piece of land behind my apartment.

    I generally try to consume all of the fruit and vegetables that I purchase, and really hate to waste anything, hence I am rather curious about the nutritional content of the sesame seed pulp. I would expect it to contain a considerable amount of fibre and some useful proteins, yet I would also like to know how much of the fat and calories are retained by the pulp, and approximately how much is contained within the lovely milk that I am consuming.

    I believe that approximately 50% of the calories in sesame seeds are from fats, and would rather not think about the possibility of consuming 100g or so from the milk that I am drinking - by my rather crude estimations, this is the approximate equivalent of consuming 1L of 10% fat cow milk!

    Well, any insights would be most appreciated.

    Many thanks,
    James x

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    Default Re: Nutritional content of sesame seed milk and pulp?

    are you 100% raw james or do you eat some cooked food?

    you can always add a dollop of pulp to raw breakfast muesli? or into other fruit smoothies as a thickener or what about into raw pie crust?

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    Default Re: Nutritional content of sesame seed milk and pulp?

    Thank you for the suggestions, however I have never been able to get into raw pie crusts - they always feel a little too 'sloppy' for my liking.

    I do not actually have any cooking apparatus (e.g. oven or hob) in my apartment, other than a kettle. Yet I would not strictly call myself 100% raw as I do like to munch on a biscuit (processed) with a cup of tea (banned by the 'raw' police) when lying in at the weekend.

    However, aside from this, and the rare occasions when I eat out at an Indian restaurant, I would say that 99% of my daily intake is raw.

    Actually, I have just finished squeezing out another bag of sesame seed milk, and ended up mixing the pulp with a banana and a little olive oil. It didn't taste too bad, and the texture reminded me somewhat of a cross between cold 'Ready Brek' and cold porridge. I managed to eat a couple of spoonfulls, then placed what was remaining in the fridge. Not delicious by any means, but at least it didn't go entirely to waste.


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