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Has anyone had this Pure Vegan B12 Spray?
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Thread: Has anyone had this Pure Vegan B12 Spray?

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    Question Has anyone had this Pure Vegan B12 Spray?

    I have been searching the net for a B12 supplement that doesn't contain all the added filler/sugar/fake sugar stuff and found this. Has anyone tried it / heard of it? There is nothing that I can find like this in Australia so I thought I would check with you guys before spending lots of money to get a little bottle sent here.

    This is the one I mean
    (I put that link because on purevegan.net they don't list the ingredients!)

    There is also this one (Pure Advantage) which has exactly the same ingredients.

    I would really, really appreciate some help on this one. Thank you!

    (And I just read the thread about absorbing vitamins through your skin - so cool - maybe you could just spray this on your inner thigh! )
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    Default Re: Has anyone had this Pure Vegan B12 Spray?

    Never heard of it.. Wonder how it tastes...
    - The Duck
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    Default Re: Has anyone had this Pure Vegan B12 Spray?

    I've tried b12 liquid and really liked it. The tablets are kind of stinky so I try to steer clear of it. I have tried the spray but new used it consistantly.
    for a full review of the 3 I've used lately check out my blog

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