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Thread: have any of you had to deal with judgemental school nurses?

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    Default have any of you had to deal with judgemental school nurses?

    dammit I am so irritated, I just got off the phone with my 11 y/o daughters school nurse and during the conversation I asked if my dtr was eating well at lunch (we just went back to eating vegan a month ago) because I've been sending her lunches and wanted to make sure she was eating what I sent. She said she noticed Kate had lost a bit of weight (which is good because she was a bit overweight and we've been struggling with this for a while) and that she noticed I'd lost quite a bit (I lost 30lbs but I'm counting calories my daughter is not) and when i told her that we went vegan she proceded to lecture me about protein and calcium and such. I reminded her that cold pizza and pop tarts are a regular breakfast at this school and while I don't think a well balanced vegan diet could quite measure up to this standard I'm sure we're doing just fine. GGGGRRRRRRRR I also asked her if she was aware that a serving of broccoli has more calcium than a glass of skim milk? she was not. Anyway it really shouldn't bother me considering this is also the same school that sent me a letter stating that my son who is 5 and 3 ft 7inches tall and ways 49 lbs is OVERWEIGHT!!!???? I don't mean to spew but DAMMN its frustrating.

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    Default Re: have any of you had to deal with judgemental school nurses?

    I don't blame you - I'd be mad too. I bet your kid is eating much much healthier than most of the kids at school on the sad standard american diet. I'd say she was really out of line. It's really scary when people who have some sort of credentials (like school nurse) spout off about things about which they are inaccurate, because other people will believe them.

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    Default Re: have any of you had to deal with judgemental school nurses?

    Well done for losing the weight missedbyu, (something I am struggling with)and for being concerned about your childrens health and weight, take no notice of the nurse she doesn't really sound like she knows what she is talking about - she would probably be happier if you put your kids on the atkins diet or something because it is more socially acceptable it seems.
    Just carry on with what you are doing, it sounds like it is working for you and your family

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    Default Re: have any of you had to deal with judgemental school nurses?

    That is wrong for the nurse to have spoken to you like that. Nurses are supposed to be open minded and sensitive to diversity, she shouldn't have made you feel that your lifestyle is wrong. I feel for you, that must have been so annoying!
    To be honest I don't find it suprising though. During my nursing training I have had to defend my veganism in lecturs and seminars, and in my training we are taught that protein comes from meat and supplements and calcium comes from milk, very simply! Every time I start on a new ward the nurses are always shocked that I am vegan and they ask me lots of very simple questions about how I get vitamins and minerals, they haven't a clue really.

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    Default Re: have any of you had to deal with judgemental school nurses?

    Telling childcare people that you and your child are vegans seems to bring that reaction. I have been asking doctors and such for YEARS if my daughters illness could have anything to do with her dairy and meat intake. For YEARS I have been brushed off about it, like I am suggesting some kind of crazy voodoo. lol. Turns out doctors are just as misguided as everyone else.

    The thing thats really driving me crazy about it is that people don't have any respect for it at all. I never noticed how much crap the school gives kids. Every other day she is bringing home suckers or having cake parties or given chips. WTH? I see it as comparable to a religious belief. You wouldn't give a Jewish child pork but they give vegan kids chocolate milk??? UGH. Yeah thats irritating.

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    Default Re: have any of you had to deal with judgemental school nurses?

    Interesting initial post - if the conversation went exactly as it is stated here I notice she didn't actually answer your question. Waffling about stuff you 'know' about to replace stuff you don't know about often puts people off asking the original question again and stops the ignorant from the embarrassment of having to say 'I don't know'.

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    Default Re: have any of you had to deal with judgemental school nurses?

    Wow, that sucks. I think a lot of doctors and nurses have a hard time really dealing with nutrition, as they have very little nutrition focus in their education... It was probably really annoying, though!! It's hard to "convince" people about veganism. Just do what you can to educate her and ensure her that your daughter is healthy!

    BUT, I also think this nurse did the right thing. Eating disorders often develop around this age. Its likely she was trying to help/ protect your daughter from something like an eating disoder. Sometimes it takes a school nurse or teacher to bring it up!
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