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    I like pea because it can be mixed in soups and the like. I'm not a fan of sweet protein powders and I avoid soy due to my thyroid issues. However, pea protein has often been toyed with to remove absorption inhibitors.

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    I buy rice, but that's just because it's cheap. If I wanted to afford it I would go with Hemp, just due to it's great amino acid profile...

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    I just bought some hemp protein this weekend to add to my morning soy milk. It came highly recommended at the co-op where I picked it up I believe it was Nutiva brand.

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    Quote E.F. View Post
    So what's your favorite?
    Have a look here...

    What are your favorite vegan protein sources?

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    I just drank a sample mixed with water and I almost died, but seriously the natural flavoured powder, is probably best mixed in a soup or tomatoe juice. I'm getting a bottle of the meal replacement (hemp), which not only contains the protein but several other beneficial items, just as an added extra. But yeah it appears as though hemp is numero uno!!!

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    I go with pea protein, since that's what my nutritionist recommended and it is a very light, almost flavorless powder. It goes great in a breakfast smoothie.

    I've heard great things about The Ultimate Meal as well, but I see that as being more than just a protein supplement.
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    My boyfriend and I train alot, we use soya protein isolate or pea protein! I've also taken something which I thought was quite good - an amino acid supplement called L glutamine! It can be used in conjunction with protein and supposedly makes your body more efficient at utilizing protein and aids training capacity and recovery etc. It's also said to help your immune system as L glutamine is an amino acid that plays a part in immune system health.

    I noticed I had a fair bit of energy using it (I know not all of these products work and it could be coincidence etc, but I would happily use it again) and I didn't notice any side effects other than a slight loss of appetite!

    It explains a bit more about how it works here:

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    Sacha Inchi is the best vegan protein source out there. Enjoy.

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