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Thread: Let's get fit and healthy together

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    Default Re: Let's get fit and healthy together

    Well it's week 2 in the gym for us now...i lost 3lbs the first week, then had a bad weekend with a packet of hobnobs (i blame this forum - i didn't know they were vegan before this hehe) then put my 3lbs back on! have now lost it again this week so i wont eat hobnobs again this weekend!

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    Default Re: Let's get fit and healthy together

    ^ Biscuits are terrible aren't they, I can eat about 10 at one sitting.

    Well done to the people doing exercise.

    I have just been trying on some of my dresses ready to go out and I can hardly fit into any of them. Boo hoo. It's not really a surprise but still. I was going to put on a baggy T-shirt over what I'm wearing but that makes me look even worse!

    I have done trampolining only 2 times this week so far and I did a 30 mins brisk walk yesterday morning. I've done no exercise today though and I'm going out for cake and alcohol later. I think I seriously have to start making a food journal from tomorrow because I'm being ridiculous!

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    Default Re: Let's get fit and healthy together

    You have done quite a lot of exercise this week BlackCats, compared to me!
    I tried skipping again yesterday but it's made my back sore again!
    Seems to be if I do anything that requires jumping up and down it does something to my back. I am not fit at all.............I used to exercise everyday along to music but this past year I've done nothing!
    I like Sandra, she keeps making me giggle. Daft little lady - Frosty

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    Default Re: Let's get fit and healthy together

    I like this thread. Congrats to all of you who have recently posted success stories.

    Has anyone tried some kind of "high protein, low fat" vegan eating plan?

    I recently replaced nuts with beans in my 'diet' in hopes of shedding some extra flub. I am continuing with my basically unlimited intake of vegetables [except for things like sweet potatoes & avocado], fruit in slight moderation [breakfast is usually when I eat a few different kinds of fruit with my porridge] and then other things like tofu, soy milk, condiments [miso, shoyu, spices, herbs, vinegars.. etc] and SOME dried fruit [raisins, figs, prunes..] but in uber moderation. Currently the only "nuts" I'm eating are ground sesame seeds, which I use at about a teaspoon at a time. I try to drink three to four liters of water each day but lately I've been super bad about it.

    I do yoga in the mornings [about an hour of all sorts of stretching, some push ups, and some abs..] and try to walk at least a half an hour each day [it's usually broken up into parts though due to class and such]..

    I don't even know what my original question was now. Damn it. Well.. shrug. Does anyone have an opinion or advice or anything?

    This is a nice thread. I think I'll subscribe to it finally.

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    Default Re: Let's get fit and healthy together

    That sounds like a good and healthy eating plan! I wanna try it too!
    Peace, love, and happiness.

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    Default Re: Let's get fit and healthy together

    I am kicking butt! I've stuck to my diet over a week, been working out regularly and lost 2 pounds. Just a few more weeks of this and I should be back on tract.
    "To reduce suffering means to reduce the amount of ignorance, the basic affliction with us." -Thich Nhat Hanh

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