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Thread: New Swiss law to protect rights of animals

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    Thumbs up New Swiss law to protect rights of animals

    The Times on Line reported on a new Swiss law to be passed in September, that will protect even the smallest creatures, even goldfish. Well worth a read here:

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    Default Re: New Swiss law to protect rights of animals

    Someone told me about this the other day, having read it in a newspaper here in the UK. I meant to come and post about it but you beat me to it, Eve! It's great news I think.
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    Default Re: New Swiss law to protect rights of animals

    good news, but i wonder how it's gonna work in real life. i mean ... how are they going to control who has a dog/pet and what is with exsisting animal owners? sure, you can have a view on the animals with family tree (but majority of owners of those animals already require some education for "buyers") ... same with goldfish and chemicals - if they won't be free, it just won't work. and if it is free, there also remains a factor of comfort and lack of compassion (or whatever the word is) and of course, chance of abuse of this chemicals.

    it looks good on paper, but i personally think it's impossible to realize it. maybe the part with horses and farm conditions have more chances ...

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    Default Re: New Swiss law to protect rights of animals

    However difficult to enforce, or ridden with contradictions this legislation might be, I think it's a fantastic step in the right direction. It gets respect for animals as individuals into the public sphere, and increases general awareness of the issues.
    I can't wait to see what they do next!

    Go Switzerland!
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    Default Re: New Swiss law to protect rights of animals

    I agree with Cumin. A lot of people are not even aware they are abusing animals when they give them inadequate care. This will make them think twice and ask themselves if they are capable of the required care before buying an animal.
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