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Thread: Toasted sandwhich fillings

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    Quote pusskins View Post
    (Use to have a cow one, but gave it away)
    That's your own fault then, don't blame us!

    When is mine getting here?..... I am already imagining the different fillings I'm going to try.

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    Quote BlackCats View Post
    That's your own fault then, don't blame us!

    I know - lesson learned! I'd been thinking about purchasing a new toastie maker for ages now. This thread just clinched the deal

    Now I'm going to get a lovely shiny big Breville! *squeak*
    "You're right, Jackie. The Fonz could beat up Bruce Lee."

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    That toaster sounds good Pusskins.

    Quote smallhelen View Post
    redwood melty mozzarella, pineapple and mushroom (kind of a pizza thing).
    That sounds really nice (apart from the mushrooms) I think I would use sweetcorn and green pepper as well and maybe some vegan pesto.

    I think I'm also going to do:

    Scrambled tofu with strips of vegan bacon and tomato sauce,
    Veggie sausage, fried onions and brown sauce,
    Cheezly and baked beans,
    Leftover potato and veggie curry with mango chutney.

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    Thanks to us appliance sales are on the rise...
    "To reduce suffering means to reduce the amount of ignorance, the basic affliction with us." -Thich Nhat Hanh

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    hmmmm you're maiing me hungry!

    i don't have a sandwich toaster though... perhaps i will look into it

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