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Thread: ARGH!!! Protein bars!

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    Default ARGH!!! Protein bars!

    Howwwww do you guys make them? I have tried 3 recipes. One was liquid at room temperature, the other was 65% fat, and the one I just made is sticky and falling apart. How do you guys get them to work???

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    Default Re: ARGH!!! Protein bars!

    I've always wanted to try making some, but if I did they'd be:
    - hemp seeds
    - dates (chopped or maybe blended)
    - hazelnuts and almonds
    - banana (as needed)

    you could add peanut butter if you need to make them stick together, then cover it with flour/ sugar of some sort to keep the outside less sticky. but i'd avoid that and stick 'em in the freezer/ fridge for a bit to harden up.

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    Default Re: ARGH!!! Protein bars!

    i'd mix 'em with oats and make flapjacky type things ooooo, hungry!


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