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Thread: Soy Milk maker recs?

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    Default Soy Milk maker recs?

    So since the gubment sent me a check for $600, I thought I would at least spend part of it on something that I've been eyeing up for awhile...a soy milk maker.

    I did a search, and read about Gorilla's ill-fated leap into brewing soy milk, and it quite frankly scared me. I thought it was a pretty straight-forward ordeal.

    But I've decided to at least try it. So all you folks out there, what are yr recs on a machine. Keep in mind I live in the US, so preferably one that doesn't cost me an arm and leg to ship across oceans near and far.

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    Default Re: Soy Milk maker recs?

    My advice on a soymilk machine is to make sure it's stainless steel and not plastic. I've only had one machine, for several years now, so that's about all the info I can think to give. I have saved so much money with a machine versus buying soymilk. I bought mine for about $60 and it's held up fine. Also, I like controlling what goes into my soymilk and it's fresher than store bought. I usually make mine in the evenings so I can have a hot cup of soymilk sprinkled with cinnamon or cocoa right after I make it- so fresh and good.
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