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Thread: Animal free bread (products) in Canada

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    Default Animal free bread (products) in Canada

    Here's a question from a Canadian who isn't a registered member yet:

    Can anyone name some vegan bread products (breads, hot dog buns, bagels, wraps...) that are available in Canada/the Toronto area?

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    Default Re: Animal free bread (products) in Canada

    When I was living in Melbourne, I always bought my bread products from a Jewish bakery because since they keep kosher, the likelihood of having dairy or eggs in their bread products are less and indeed most of the bread made there is completely vegan! So, just find your local jewish community and pop into the bakeries there! Also, fresh bread tastes so much nicer than packaged! It can be your little treat for the week!
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    Default Re: Animal free bread (products) in Canada

    Kensington Bakery - on Bloor
    Organics on Bloor (though I wouldn't reccomend them, their bread is usually stale)
    the other organic food shop next to Second Cup on Bloor / Spadina...
    Panacea (I think it's called, close to bloor / college)
    Most of the little shops in Kensington Market
    Most french breads in stores are vegan...most pizza crusts are too..
    Also try asking places like Live, Fresh, and The Magic Oven Pizza Place -

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