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Holiday in France/Vegan food
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Thread: Holiday in France/Vegan food

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    Default Holiday in France/Vegan food

    Hi all,

    I spent a couple of weeks on holiday in France recently and I've written a blog post about what vegan food I found in supermarkets and restaurants and what there is to eat if you're travelling and don't have cooking facilities, in the hope that someone somewhere who's thinking of visiting France might find it useful. Page is here: http://veganfolkie.blogspot.com/2008...in-france.html

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    I enjoyed this. I have always wanted to go to France (largely because I have takedn 5 years of the French language), and my bf and I were just discussing how it seemed like it would be rather hard for vegans there. So thanks for the info, even though it will probably be a couple years before we can make it out there.

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    Default Re: Holiday in France/Vegan food

    Thanks a lot for this link, I found it very useful especially because I am in the process of planning a trip to France myself. I will be going with two friends to Nice sometime in the spring. Since we know how difficult it can be to eat out in restaurants as vegetarians (especially in France where they generally eat a lot of meat!) we are planning on renting a little apartment and cooking ourselves. So your guide will be very useful to us! Where did you do all your cooking? We are looking at cheap apartment options, and we have found sites like this one:


    Their prices are decent and I like the look of them, but I wonder how decent the kitchens are and if they come with equipment. I also found this site:


    Would you have any other suggestions or ideas? Also, if anyone knows of some links to vegetarian French recipes I would appreciate it! We are looking forward to the local cooking

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    Default Re: Holiday in France/Vegan food

    Some French recipes on the International Vegetarian Union website: http://www.ivu.org/recipes/european/french-index.html

    Apartments are good, I've done that in other countries to make eating easier. And in a way it means you can try out more foods if you've got the option of cooking as you can buy all sorts of ingredients to use rather than having to stick with pre-prepared stuff. On that particular holiday I was cooking on a camping stove (2 gas rings and a grill) as I was driving round in my van and sleeping in the back, we'd just park somewhere and get the stove out to cook.

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