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Thread: Employment at Vegan Retreat Center

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    Default Employment at Vegan Retreat Center

    Hope this is OK to post this on the board... We are a 100% Vegan Live food center and have some great positions open,
    Thank You
    Philip, Customer Service Manager

    Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center
    Employment Opportunities

    ·3 years experience in a retail accounting environment
    ·BA/BS in Accounting preferred
    ·Must have strong management and computer skills
    ·References & Background Check required.
    The Accounts manager is responsible for establishing and maintaining effective fiscal and business management systems. Duties include fiscal processing; general ledger accounting, financial statement design and preparation; overseeing activities of book-keeper, store and dispensary supervisors.

    ·Blood & Clinical Measurements
    ·Organizational & computer skills
    ·Experience providing healing support to clients
    ·Nursing degree (RN) with experience in phlebotomy preferred
    ·Willing to be on Call for TOL guests
    ·Excellent knowledge of live foods & detoxification & diabetes
    ·Other Medical Experiences a Plus

    ·Deep cleaning housekeeper
    ·Experience cleaning is absolutely essential
    ·Concentrated Vivid Attention to Details
    ·Excellent Customer Service Skills
    ·Very Organized with great attention to detail
    ·Patient and Understanding
    · Excellent Listener

    ·Excellent Customer Service Skills
    ·Patient and Understanding
    ·Excellent Listener
    ·Hard worker: Will be responsible for laundry, spa cleaning, facilitating biomat treatments and ozone steambox

    ·2 Years + Experience As a Chef in Production Kitchen Environment
    ·2 Years + Experience with Live Foods
    ·Extensive Knowledge of Gabriel Cousens Teachings
    ·Live Food/ Vegan Teaching Experiences
    ·1 Year 100% Vegan and 80% Live Foods
    ·Excellent Customer Service Skills
    Application Information
    Minimum Spiritual Commitment 1-2 Years
    100% Vegan 80% Live Food Drug Free Community
    Positions include Meals, Housing Not Included
    More Details, Employee Handbook, Application Form/ Procedure online at: Read Carefully Before Applying

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    Default Re: Employment at Vegan Retreat Center

    I went on an Alyssa Cohen course with a woman who previously lived at The Tree!
    It sounds awesome.

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    Default Re: Employment at Vegan Retreat Center

    Yep it is Fun... I have been here since May 2000

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