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    Default RAFA - Real Ale for All


    My boyfriend and I have started an campaign group called RAFA - Real Ale for All. We are both massive real ale fans and really used to enjoy sampling real ales in old and interesting pubs - alas we can no longer do this because virtually all cask ales contain isinglass, as I am sure that most of you know, which is usually made from the swim bladder of fish. The reason that this is used is to 'fine' the beer and basically remove the sediment giving a clear pint. This process would occur naturally if the barrel was left to settle for a couple of weeks but the fish guts are used to speed up the process. We estimate that this excludes around 5 million adults in the UK from consuming real ale in a pub and we want to do something about this.

    We have set up and online petition at

    If you also want to help to remove isinglass from cask ales and make real ale suitable for everyone and free of animal products then please sign our petition and add your support to our cause. Of course, we know that there are a number of forward thinking breweries who do not use animal products in their bottled beer so us vegans can still buy some bottled ales that are drinkable but what we wish to campaign for is the freedom for all to be able to go into a pub and buy cask ale. It's simply ridiculous that in real ale - an apparently natural product - that they use isinglass, which as well as being made from a fish's swim bladder also contains a suplhur dioxide based preservative. Indeed, 'Real Ale' is not quite as real as they would have us believe. There are vegan alternatives to isinglass and we want to put pressure on the brewing industry to stop using isinglass and use an alternative.

    We're also on My Space -

    and also on Facebook -

    Please support RAFA in our cause.


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    Default Re: RAFA - Real Ale for All

    I've joined your facebook group
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    Wasn't this mentioned somewhere else? Anyway, I joined a while back. Have you spoken to CAMRA about it?
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    Not a bad idea actually. There are a lot of breweries out there that have the know how to produce beer without isinglass. Hell's teeth! If I can do it, they can surely?

    There are some breweries, such as Harveys in Lewes that might not wish to change

    Definitely get in touch with CAMRA - especially if you're a member, it might be worth getting something in the magazine 'What's Brewing' (contact them on 01727 867201 and ask for the What's Brewing office)
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