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Thread: Sunspots Treatment?

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    Default Sunspots Treatment?

    Also known as Age Spots or Liver Spots. Or Brown Spots.

    Anyways, I'm looking for a lotion-ish product that can treat sunspots, and preferably vegan. For some reason, I can't find any vegan sunspot lotion, at least I don't think so.

    If that's not possible, how about something to prevent sunspots? Except for sunblock, since I use that everyday. But I'd like something to help make the appearance of sunspots diminish, and it's not too pricey.

    And I don't really want those "non-aging formulas" for elders, since I'm a youngin'. ._. 13 years old. You'd wonder how I can get sunspots, but I was and still am, a very active person -- I participated in Cross Country (and might this year) and Track and Field. But it doesn't really matter if it's the non-aging stuff. Just something that helps those sunspots.

    During the time I was tanned being under the sun, I either got a lot of sunspots or I got it now. Because I use sunblock, I got paler, and I can -see- all these sunspots that might have been hiding and blending in my skin when I was darker. *A*;

    You can't see the ones on my face, sometimes even up close, but there is ONE sunspot that ruins it. It looks really cratered (it's not a pockmark), it's a little big, stands out, is right under my eye, and I call it, "Teardrop." :"D Because it's kind of a strand that looks like a teardro-- okay, besides that..

    If there aren't any vegan products, should I just resort to using the ones that aren't vegan? Maybe in the future there will be some kind of vegan sunspot thingermajigee, but I don't think that time is now..

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    Default Re: Sunspots Treatment?

    Hello there!

    I was looking around for about -forever- until I found Earth Science's "Ginsium - C Skin Lightening Creme ! " Vegan. Yessss!

    It said that it fades age spots naturally, and help lightens skin complexion. Just the thing I was looking for! I'll ask if we can buy it, since my mother is also unhappy with her age spots as well.

    Along with that, and to double the success, I'm going to try to buy Earth Science's Papaya-Glycolic Skin Peel. I researched, and using peels should help fade those darned sunspots. The source says "chemical peels", but I think I'll try to trust natural peels. I hope it works.

    Anyways, topic closed unless you are seeking for the same thing I am, or you have another product suggestion. Thankyous!

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    Default Re: Sunspots Treatment?

    ur 13 and you have sun spots? now, you're not talking about just freckles are you?
    "i'm rejecting my reflection, cause i hate the way it judges me."

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    Default Re: Sunspots Treatment?

    If it's freckles, they used to say that putting lemon juice on them at night would fade them.

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