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Thread: Eggplant roles

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    Default Eggplant roles

    My sister who loves to cook has been trying out new vegan recipes to make me since I just recently became a vegan (she's awesome!). She made these great eggplant rolls the other day that I had to share.

    Eggplant rolls:

    1 eggplant
    1 pepper
    1 tomato
    1 avocado
    bread crumbs
    olive oil

    Slice eggplant thin enough to roll. Cover both sides in bread crumbs and fry in olive oil for a few minutes until eggplant turns slightly brown. Chop up pepper, tomato and avocado. Add chopped veggies, spices, flour, water and olive oil and saute in separate frying pan until mixture turns creamy. Scoop veggie mix onto eggplant slices and roll up. Serve.

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    Default Re: Eggplant roles

    Yum, that sounds good. I want to try that. What spices did she use?

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    That sounds delicious, Laura! I might grill the eggplant though, for a lower fat version. But you could make so many alternatives on this. Thanks so much for posting it

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